A table consists of one or more fields. You can add, delete, and configure the fields in any table. 


To add fields to a table:

  1. On the left sidebar menu, click the drop-down arrow next to the table to which you wish to add a field. This will display the list of actions that can be taken for the table.

  2. Click Fields. This will display the selected Table’s Fields Page. This page will display the existing fields on the table if any.

  3. Click Add Field in the upper-right corner of the page. This will display an Entry Form.

  4. On the Entry Form displayed, enter a descriptive Field name such as “Component Name”, then select a Field Type.

A Field Type specifies and constrains what kind of data is to be kept in a field. The following field types are available:


TextData contains alphanumeric characters
Text - Multi-LineData contains text on multiple lines
Text - Multiple Choice Data contains specific values (example A or B or C)
NumericData only contains numeric values 
Currency  Data is a currency
Phone NumberData is a phone number
DatetimeData contains a date and time
Date   Data contains a date without the time
CheckboxData is one of two values (example Yes or No)
File AttachmentData is a file
URLData is a website URL

Data is an existing user in the application

In addition, the following formula field types are also available, and can be used to apply operations to existing fields:


Formula - Text Applies formulas to Text Fields
Formula - NumericApplies formulas to Numerical Fields
Formula - CurrencyApplies formulas to Currency Fields
Formula - DateApplies formulas to Date Fields 
Formula - URLApplies formulas to URL Fields

NoteFor more details on Formula Fields, please refer to the Formula Fields Documentation.

5. Check the ‘Must Be Unique’ checkbox if the field requires a “unique constraint”. The unique constraint will ensure that all values entered on the table for that field are unique values (i.e. this prevents duplicate values).

Note: Fields marked as unique can also be used as key fields/reference fields to set up relationships between tables. This will be discussed in the Section on Table Relationships.

6. Once the Field Name and Field Type are entered, click Save Changes. The added field will now be listed on the Fields Page for the selected table.

 7. Continue to add more fields as needed by repeating steps 3-6.