Only three formulas currently exist for the Date Field Types. 

The TimeSpan formula determines the time between two dates.

The AddTime formula calculates the date offset from a given date. The numeric output for TimeSpan can be used as a numeric input for other types of formulas. The numeric output of other types of formulas can be use as the “int amount” input for the AddTime formula. 

The Today() formula has no argument and returns today’s date as the output, which can be used as an input for other formulas that have a date value as an argument.






Calculates the time period (double) between

two dates in “days”, “months”, or “years”. d1 and d2 have the “Date” Field Type. The output in the example is in “months”. The Field Type must be set as Formula–Numeric.



Returns a date after adding an offset amount to the given date where the offset is an integer in “days”, “months”, or “years”. The offset in the example is in “days”. The Field Type must be set as Formula–Date.


TimeSpan([d1],Today(), “days”)

Calculates the number of days since d1.