The Audit Log Feature will display a log of all the activities that occurred within the tables of the application. The logs will display records that have been added to tables and modified.

To view the Audit Log:

1.  in the App Home Page, the user must select the app they wish to create the Custom Page for. 

2. Click on the Settings Cog icon. 

3. Select the Audit Log

Note:  The Audit Log Feature is disabled unless the user switches it "On". Once turned On, it will log any changes to the tables previously created.

3A. Once the feature has been on it will display the Audit Log Table with the records of the activities that have occurred.

The Audit Log Table will display the following fields:     

The field that was updated
Net ValueThe value that was inserted into the table
Old ValueThe value that was in the table prior to the update (if any)
ID number of the transaction performed
Record IDUnique identifier for the specific record
TableThe table that was updated
TimeThe time at which the update was done
Transaction TypeThe type of change (i.e., Data Inserted/Data Updated...)
UserThe user who applied the change