1. On the sidebar menu, click on the drop-down arrow next to the desired table, and click Reports. This will display the Table’s Reports Page.

  2. On the Table’s Reports Page, click Add Report at the upper-right corner.

  3. On the pop-up Select Report window displayed, select Table.

  4. On the Create Report Page, under Report Fields:

    Enter a Report Name, and Description (Optional).

    Select the Default Report checkbox if you wish the report to be your primary/default report to appear when you select/view the table.

    Select the Global checkbox to allow all users to view the report. The users will not be allowed to edit the report.

    Select the Public checkbox to allow the data in the report to be available to other tables. This will allow using a CSV endpoint for table to table imports.

  5. On the Create Report Page, under Fields:

    Select the Fields you wish to view on the report. Use the arrows to add/remove fields to/from the report.

  6. On the Create Report Page, under Filters:

    If desired, you will be able to filter the data you wish to view on the report:


    First, select All or Any to specify whether All or Any one of the filter conditions needs to be true. You will then select a desired Column (field from your table), a Condition (for example “is equal to”), and then enter the Value you wish to filter.


    Use the +/- Actions buttons to add or remove filter criteria.

    The group of filter criteria allows you to specify that either All or Any of the conditions need to be true within that group. If you have additional groups of criteria, you will be able to add nested groups (i.e. additional groups of filter criteria). This will allow you to use different combinations of the All or Any options.

    For example: a filter criteria can be: [Customer State is FL OR GA], AND [Dollar Spent is greater than $1,000 AND Number of Orders is greater than 10]. In this case, two groups of filter criteria would be used as shown in below screenshot.

    To add an additional nested group, click Add Group at the top right of the Filters Section.

    Note: To remove a nested group you no longer need, simply click on the X Icon next to the group.

  7. On the Create Report Page, under Sorting:

    You will be able to sort/order the records on your table based on the specified criteria:

    Select a Sort Type (Low to High or High to Low), and select the Sort Field (the field you wish to sort the report by).

  8. On the Create Report Page, under Grouping:

    You will have the option to group the records on your table by a specific field. This will make your data easier to read when multiple records exist for the same item. For example, if a customer has multiple records, grouping by customer ID/Number will allow you to view  the data organized and combined by customer.

    Select a Field by which you wish to group the data.

  9. Example of grouped data:

  10. Click Save Report when done.