Custom Word Forms can be generated out of the application with the data stored in Ignatius. You will be able to upload a fillable Word file which will have pre-mapped Ignatius Table Fields. When generated, the Word Document will be populated with the data based on the mapping on the document.

Note: Forms will be associated with a Report when they are being created. With this, you will be able to map an existing report's fields onto the PDF form.


Since forms are linked to reports when forms are being created, reports will have to be created prior to creating PDF forms. 


To Create a Fillable/Mapped Word Document:

1. Open the Word Document that needs to be generated and exported from Ignatius. 

2. On the Word Document, add the Ignatius fields mapping by placing the Ignatius Database field names within brackets where they need to be displayed on the document, as follow: [field_name]

Note: The Ignatius Database field names can be found on the Fields Screen.

To Add a mapped Word Template:

Make sure a report has been creating prior to adding a form. See Add Reports Section on how to create reports.

1. On the sidebar menu, click on the drop-down arrow next to the desired table, and click Manage Forms. This will display the Table’s Forms Page.


2. On the Table’s Forms Page, click Add Form at the upper-right corner.

3. On the pop-up window, select Word Template.

4. Enter a Form Name, Description if desired, and from the drop-down, select a report to link the form to.

5. Next, click Select File to select a Word file to upload from your computer.

7. Click Save Form when done.