In this release, we've focused on enhancing the overall user experience and addressing some critical issues reported by our users. While we continue to innovate and improve our platform, your feedback has been invaluable in identifying areas for improvement. Below are the highlights of what's new and fixed.

Bugs Fixed

Conditional Relationship Dropdowns Issue: Resolved an issue where conditional relationship dropdowns were not functioning correctly in certain scenarios. Now, dropdowns will dynamically adjust based on the defined conditions, improving form usability.

Form Rule Validation Improvement: Enhanced form rule validation to ensure more accurate and user-friendly error messaging. This update aims to guide users more effectively when data entered does not meet the form criteria.

Company Details Loading Correctly: Fixed a bug where the wrong company details were loading on the Account Manager. Users should now see the correct company information associated with their accounts.

Bulk Edit Issue for Checkbox Fields: Addressed a problem where bulk edit operations for checkbox fields were not behaving as expected. This fix ensures that bulk edits are applied correctly across multiple records.

Grouped Report Embedding Issue: Solved an issue where grouped reports were not displaying correctly when embedded as tables in other pages. Reports should now embed seamlessly, maintaining their grouping and formatting.

Tasks Completed

Infrastructure Change for Landing Page: Implemented an infrastructure enhancement for our landing page to improve load times and reliability. This task is a step towards optimizing our platform's performance.

Application User Search and UI Enhancements: Completed several fixes and UI enhancements for Application User search functionality, making user management smoother and more intuitive.

Tables Paging Feature: Introduced paging for tables to improve navigation and usability in sections with large data sets. This feature allows users to navigate through data more efficiently.

Email Alerts Toggle for Invitations: Added a feature to hide the toggle for email alerts on invitations, providing a cleaner interface and reducing confusion for users during the invitation process.

Login Error Flow Enhancement: Enhanced the login error flow by adding a "Return to Login" option, making it easier for users to navigate back and attempt to log in again after encountering an error.

These additional updates aim to further refine the user experience, ensuring that the platform is more reliable, user-friendly, and efficient. We're excited for you to experience these improvements and look forward to your feedback.

Embedded Reports UI Update Example