1. First, make sure there is a Date or Date/Time field type on your table to be able to create a Calendar Report.

  2. Follow the first steps to add a report as described in a previous “Create a Report” subsection.

  3. On the Add Report Window displayed, select Calendar.

  4. Under Report Fields, enter a Report Name and also a Description if desired.

  5. Under Fields, select a field from your table that will be displayed as the Event Name on the Calendar.

  6. Select a field that has the desired Event Date/Start Date data and optionally, select a field that has End Date data.

  7. Select a Calendar tile Event color and a Event Background color.

  8. Under Filters

    If desired, you will be able to filter the data you wish to view on the report:

    First, select All or Any to specify whether All or Any one of the filter conditions need be true. You will then select a desired Column (field from your table), a Condition (for example “is equal to”), and then enter the Value you wish to filter.

    Use the  
    +/-  Action buttons to add or remove filter criteria.

    The group of filter criteria allows you to specify that either All or Any of the conditions need to be true within that group. If you have additional groups of criteria, you will be able to add nested groups (i.e. additional groups of filter criteria). This will allow you to use different combinations of the All or Any options. 

    To add an additional nested group, click Add Group at the top right of the Filters Section.

    Note: To remove a nested group you no longer need, simply click on the X Icon next to the group.

  9. Click Save Report when done.