The ability to edit and/or delete notifications can be found by accessing the "Notifications, Subscriptions, and Webhooks" tab on the expansion of a folder of an App.

1.  Select the Application from the Home Screen 

2. Expand the folder and select Notifications, Subscriptions & Webhooks

3. The screen will display any created Notifications, Subscriptions & Webhooks, If any exist, otherwise it will only display the "Create New.." button.

SubjectThe name given to the trigger that executes the function
TypeThe type of trigger created with a brief description if applicable
Last RunTime stamp when it was last executed
ActionEdit or Delete
On/OffEnable or Disable

4. The Edit Icon will direct the user to the screen where triggers for the notification can be completely editable.

5. The Trashcan Icon (Delete) will create a popup window asking for confirmation of the action to delete the existing notification/trigger.