The latest release notes for Ignatius version 19.1, highlights several key updates and bug fixes aimed at enhancing the system's functionality and user experience. Key improvements include modifications to the workflow servers, enhancements to mobile app features such as name, logo, and functionality, and significant backend optimizations like the setup of workflow API and security enhancements for ECS services. Additionally, user interface tweaks for better navigation and usability, updates to role management, and the introduction of new API endpoints for increased integration capabilities are notable. This update also addresses various bug fixes across the platform, ensuring smoother operation and reliability. 


To enhance user experience, the release for version 19.1 include several key updates:

  • Workflow Server Enhancements: Improved stability and processing speed, leading to smoother operation of workflows.
  • Mobile App Updates: New features, updated name and logo, and overall improvements for a better mobile experience.
  • Backend Optimizations: Workflow API setup and security enhancements for ECS services to ensure data safety and integrity.
  • User Interface Improvements: Tweaks for easier navigation and enhanced usability.
  • Role Management Updates: More granular control over user permissions for improved security and flexibility.
  • New API Endpoints: Increased integration capabilities with other systems and platforms.