Notifications can be sent to alert you when records have been changed on a specific table. Notifications can be set to alert you when new records have been added to a table, when records have been updated, and when records have been deleted from a table. 


Notifications are used to help you keep track of the changes happening in the application. Notifications are set up at the table level, so you will be able to set up notifications for each table in the application if desired. 

To add Notification for a Table:

1. On the sidebar menu, select the folder you wish to expand to expose the notifications, subscriptions & webhooks for which you wish to add a notification.

2. On the Notifications Page displayed, click Add Notification.

3. The Notification Options enables the user to create expansive or selective forms of notifications, who and how they  it reaches them with or without filers.

3A . On the Create Notifications Page displayed, under the Select Notification Type: 


  • Select a Notification Type, and enter the recipient’s information
SMSTo alert via Text Message
EmailTo alert via Email

3B. Once the name is filled out, the trigger will set the parameter of the notification. The notification will occur when a New Record or Updated Record occurs for the Application selected.

For example, if you wish to send a notification for the Customer table when a record is updated on the table, the trigger type in this case would be Update Record.


3C.  In conjunction with the Trigger selection, the user will be able to specify which field affected by the trigger will set the notification to occur. By selecting the "Any of the following fields affected by the trigger event" the user will have the option to select any field(s) to trigger notification.

3D. There are three functions under under Sent to.

a. All users in "Application": All users in this selected application will receive notifications

b. Specific users in "Application": The user can enter the email of the individual(s) who will receive the notifications

c. User in field: User can select from a specific field(s) who will receive the notifications

3E. For the Notification Message, you can do one of the following:


  1. Select the Custom option if you wish to send a custom alert message. If this option is selected, enter the custom message that needs to be sent.


  2. Select the Value in Field option to send a default message specifying the record that was changed. 

 From the drop-down option, select the field whose value you wish to be included in the notification message. 

 For example, if a record was updated on the Customer Table, and the field selected was Last Name, then the alert  message will include the last name of the customer record that was updated


3F.  under Filters

            You will be able to filter the data for which notifications are set. For example, if you would like alert messages to be               sent when a record is changed for a specific customer, you will be able to specify the customer’s information as                       filter criteria.

  • To filter data, select All or Any (to specify whether All or Any one of the filter conditions need be true). 
  • Next, select a desired Column (field from your table), a Condition (for example “is equal to”), and enter the Value you wish to filter.
  • Use the +/- Action button to add or remove criteria

4. After completion, click Save Notification to create the notification