This formula type is used exclusively for financial calculations. The data type is based on

currency, but numerical data can be used in the calculation for multiplication, etc. It’s possible

to use text methods that provide a numeric output, but not recommended.


Currency formulas use the same operators and methods as the Numeric formulas, so they

won’t be listed again here. Any of the methods and operators in the: Additive, Multiplicative, Compare, Relational, Rounding and Truncating, and Sign categories can be used in currency formulas. Any of the formulas in the Calculation, Constant, Trigonometric categories should not be used for currency calculations.


An example formula is: 


This formula determines the lower price for two different purchase options.

When using two or more operator types in one formula, the order of precedence for the calculation is as follows:

  1. Unary (such as –[num1])
  2. Multiplicative
  3. Additive
  4. Relational

If parentheses are used, like those in methods like Max(), Min(), Truncate(), etc., the expressions within the parentheses are evaluated first.