A Lookup Field is a read-only field that displays information pulled from a reference table (parent table). When a record is created in a child table, lookup fields will be automatically populated with the info pulled from the parent table. 


For example, customer info such as First Name, Last Name, Address will be automatically pulled from the customer table, and populated onto the order table based on the Reference Field Customer ID.

You must first create a table-to-table relationship to be able to add Lookup fields on a child table. Please refer to the section “Add a Relationship between Tables” if you need to create a table-to-table relationship.


If you have an existing table-to-table relationship, follow the steps below to add lookup fields to the relationship.


To add a Lookup Field by editing an existing table-to-table relationship:

1. On the sidebar menu, click on the drop-down arrow next to the desired table, and click Relationships. This will display the Table Relationships Page.

2. On the Table Relationships Page, next to the desired relationship click the edit icon.

3. On the Create Relations Page displayed, click Add Lookup Field button.

4. Click on the drop-down option to select the Lookup Field you wish to add to the child table.

5. Continue to add other lookup fields if desired by clicking the + option.

6. If more than one field is added, the screen will display +/– options to add and remove fields as needed. Use the +/– options as needed.

7. Click Save when done to add the lookup fields.

8. Once the lookup details are added, click Save to update the Relationship with the lookup fields.