A Webhook is a form of an API (Application Programming Interface) which delivers data to other applications. This allows you to provide external applications with real time information. The webhooks created in Ignatius can be used within the Ignatius Workflows Tool to communicate with other applications.

How to set a Webhook:

1. On the sidebar menu, under the desired table, select the notifications, subscriptions & webhooks.

2. On the Notifications Page displayed, click Webhook.

3. Create a Name for the Webhook and select the trigger of the event (New Record or Updated Record)

The user will have the option of either allowing any field to generate the trigger or to select a specific event by selecting from the drop list of  "Any of the following fields affect by the trigger event".

4. Applying Filters

    - The filters facilitate by creating deliberate triggers that enable Webhooks to occur. For example, the user wishes to create a trigger to update a record for an external report by a third-party application for Date Created after 9/30/2021.

5. Save Webhook once the customization has been satisfied by the user.