Ignatius Release Notes - May 2024 – Version 19.5


  1. Enhanced Security and Decryption Features

    • Implemented decryption of fields in various UI views and through API/DB.
    • Added audit logs for decryption roles.
  2. Mobile Improvements

    • Fixed required Date Time fields issue on mobile.
    • Updated mobile logo and theme.
    • Corrected QR Code search issue.
    • Added current location icon to maps.
    • Implemented security requirements for mobile app review.
  3. Performance Optimizations

    • Optimized form performance and Form API.
    • Resolved infinite loop in formula lookups.
  4. UI and User Experience Enhancements

    • Added functionality for viewing all form tabs.
    • Enabled dashboard tab reordering.
    • Improved handling of embedded tables and forms.
    • Separated view and other settings into two tabs for better navigation.
  5. Copy App and Form Functionality

    • Fixed several issues related to Copy App, including form copying and reserved key conflicts.
    • Added functionality to copy form rules.
    • Resolved issues with application roles and form copy in Copy App.
  6. Bug Fixes

    • Corrected issues with related dropdowns, infinite loops, SortBy in QueryReport API, and more.
    • Addressed several bugs in forms, including handling of Date Fields, Formula type fields, and custom buttons.

These updates focus on improving security, optimizing performance, and enhancing the user experience on both the web and mobile platforms.