Ignatius Release Notes - May 2024 – Version 19.4

Summary of Major Updates and Changes:

  1. Security and Authentication

    • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Fixed issues with 2FA on profiles, enhancing account security.
  2. Mobile Enhancements

    • User Experience: Corrected behavior where "Next" should move to the next field on mobile devices.
    • User Interface: Fixed issues with mobile logo and theme, and ensured proper display of user fields.
  3. Performance Improvements

    • Form API Optimization: Improved Form API performance, ensuring faster load times and efficient data handling.
    • Error Handling: Resolved excessive warning outputs from code on standard output.
  4. User Interface and Navigation

    • Tab Management: Added functionality to view all form tabs and separated application and mobile settings into distinct tabs for better navigation.
  5. Copy App Functionality

    • Copying Issues: Fixed several issues related to Copy App, including form copying and application roles.
  6. Bug Fixes

    • General Fixes: Corrected issues with related dropdowns, SortBy functionality in QueryReport API, and email notifications.
    • Specific Fixes: Fixed 500 Internal Server Error when deleting Formula type fields and resolved errors related to Date Fields in Form Rules.

These updates focus on enhancing security, optimizing performance, and improving user experience across the platform.