Admin users are the users who will set up and configure the application including managing and creating tables, reports, forms etc... Admin users will have the highest level of permissions and will be able to perform any task from creating tables to creating new users to managing the application’s settings.


Non-Admin users are users who will access the application to simply manage the data which includes viewing, editing or adding records. Non-Admin users are assigned a user role that will define their level of access and required permissions. 

When creating a new non-admin user, a user role will be assigned to that user’s profile. The desired User Role must exist prior to creating the non-admin user. Refer to the Adding a User Role Section for details on how to create a user role.

To add users to your application, select the Settings Cog Icon to access the App Settings Page.

On the App Settings Page displayed, under the Users Tab click Add User. This will display the following options:

Invite New UserThis option will send an invite link to a non existing user. The user will then register and create a user name and password
Add Existing UserThis option will add an existing user (from one of your other Ignatius apps). The user will gain access to the app with their existing username and password
Create UserThis option will allow you to create a username as well as a password for a user. The user will then be able to log in with the username and password provided.

To Invite a New User:

1. Select Invite a New User on the Add User window displayed.

2. Enter the user’s email address and an optional email subject. The default will be "Ignatius App Invitation".

3. Select what email address the Invitation email is sent from.

4. Next, select the following depending on whether the user is Admin or Non-Admin:

  • If the user being created is an Admin user, select the Is Admin checkbox
  • If the user being created is a Non-Admin user, select a User Role from the drop-down option

5. You can optionally create a custom email message to send to the Invited User including a few variables.

6. Click Save when done. The user will receive an email at the specified email address and they will be able to create a password and log into the application.

To Add an Existing User (a user that already exists in another app):

1. Select Add Existing User on the Add User window displayed.

2. Select a user from the drop-down and Save changes.

To Create a User:

1. Select Create User on the Add User window displayed.

2. On the widow displayed, enter the User email, password, then select a top-level role and a role for the user. Note: Please refer to the articles on roles for instructions on how to create roles.

3. Select Save changes.